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What You Need to Know about Numerology

For those who are not aware, numerology is defined as the study of symbolism of numbers. That being said, it’s used to determine a person’s strength, personality, talents, inner needs, obstacles, emotional reactions, and it could also determine how a person deals with others. Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you’re planning to use numerology in order to examine your life a little further, confirm your hidden talents and skills, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, or have an idea where you should go next; numerology can be a useful tool that will help you understand yourself even better. It serves as a whole picture that can reveal the different parts of your personality and how they affect the kind of person you are. With this, you’ll be able to be a better person. Another way to see your astrology forecast is to take a look at Tarot Card Reading sites.

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It has been said that numerology can be traced back centuries ago to Egypt and Babylonia. Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher and mathematician developed the basic theorems that form the foundation of modern mathematics. Where, at the turn of the twentieth century, Dow Balliet, discovered the modern phase of numerology. Now, in the twenty-first century, the interest in this field has increased dramatically.

How It Works

Numerology believes that everything in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency level. Thus, it’s important to find the vibration rate of an object in order to determine the qualities, as well as energies associated with it. Likewise, by applying the principles of numerology and using the name and birth, you can determine the major frequencies of an individual. The numerological analysis provides a significant information on character and personality.

Methods Used in Calculations

In numerology, all numbers are reduced to a single digit– from 1 to 9– but there’s also an exception for that, which are the master numbers of eleven and twenty two. Then, each of these digits, together with the master numbers that serves as a representation of the major vibration rates that are linked to individual characteristics.

These numbers are reduced to single digits with the help of simple addition. For instance, using the number 17 will be reduced to eight by adding seven and one. Similarly, years like 1981 can be reduced by adding one, nine, eight, and one; with a sum of 19, which will then be reduced by adding one and nine to get 10, and lastly, 10 will be reduced by adding one and zero, resulting to 1.

On the other hand, the corresponding letters in a person’s name can be derived by converting the letters and changing them into numbers. Then, it should be added together and the sum will be reduced. For this, A is equivalent to one, B is equivalent to two, and so on and so forth.

Considering that, numerologists can analyze the person by using the name and birth date. This will help him derive the major core elements.

Using Numerology for a Better Life

It doesn’t matter what a person’s life goal is, numerology can help an individual reach his goals with lesser difficulties and in a timely manner. It helps a person discover his strengths and the possible ways on how he can overcome his weakness as well– making him prepared for whatever life may bring.

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