Tarot reading is a very useful channel in discovering your potential, seeing the opportunities around you that you used to miss and in developing a new point of view in your current predicament. However, Tarot reading can be expensive and some Tarot enthusiasts opted to learn the craft to save tons of money. However, reading tarot for your own self is not easy. Check out free tarot online reading.

You know your biases and what you want to see in the cards that sometimes, you shut your mind from what Tarot is trying to show you, only to see what you want. Thereby, taking away the guidance and light of the Tarot cards. So, if you are trying to learn Tarot reading yourself or you’ve been doing it but it is not as efficient as you expected, perhaps you are doing it the wrong way. Here are 5 common mistakes that you should be conscious of when reading tarot for yourself.

1. Doing Tarot Reading When You Are Emotional

IMG Source: about.com

IMG Source: about.com

Sometimes, you have to deal with your unstable emotions, which may be triggered by your demanding boss, a difficult to deal with workmate or an unfortunate event that you have never foreseen to happen. As an old adage goes, don’t make decision when you are so mad or so sad. This applies to Tarot reading as well, don’t spread the cards when you are too emotional.

So, when you find yourself furious due to a petty misunderstanding with your boyfriend, or you are close to resigning after your boss complained about the report you did for the whole day, remember turning to Tarot cards right away is not practical.

When you are in an unstable emotional state, you will only find yourself pulling cards anxiously, which will just make things worse. Tarot reading will yield inaccurate results and before long you will see yourself more upset and confused.

3. Using A Complicated Or Wrong Spread

IMG Source: tarotprophet.com

IMG Source: tarotprophet.com

If you already know how to read Tarot, you should develop the wisdom in choosing the right spread for your current situation because positioning the cards also affect the reading. If you are a beginner in Tarot reading, don’t jump immediately into doing Celtic Cross.

Depending on the answers you want to find, a one-card spread or three-card spread is already good. Using a more complicated spread will give you more information that might confuse you, especially if you are just learning the craft. In most cases, you will also find the same answer with a fewer cards.

Remember that it is always great to start with a three-card spread before you work on the bigger themes. Once you already isolated one component of a problem, doing a larger layout might help.

However, always remember that more cards doesn’t always clarify the issue, especially if there are several factors to consider. You will get more accuracy in your Tarot reading if you build up experience with the cards in a more digestible way.

3. Drawing Extra Cards As Clarifiers

IMG Source: ladycristobel

IMG Source: ladycristobel

Another pitfall in doing a personal Tarot reading is your inclination to draw extra cards to clarify another card. Some do this when they don’t understand the card they have drawn or they don’t want the card that they are seeing. So, the keep on pulling cards from the deck, which is not advisable.

Some do this until they see the card that they wanted to see, which only reduce the natural wisdom from the Tarot cards. Also, it only makes the whole process more confusing and inaccurate.

If you feel the need to dra a clarifying card, only do it when necessary and limit yourself to only two cards the maximum. Meanwhile, if you don’t like what you are seeing, then deal with the discomfort and examine how it is affecting you currently. Step away from the reading and just try it again some other time.

4. Multiple Reading On The Same Subject

IMG Source: thetarotlady.com

IMG Source: thetarotlady.com

Just like number 3, there are instances when you are unsatisfied with the results of your Tarot reading. Then you find yourself doing another Tarot reading, and again another reading until you get the results that you want to see. However, Tarot reading doesn’t work this way.

Doing multiple Tarot readings will not help you at all. If you want to have accurate and new results for the same issue, wait for at least a month to try another reading. Perhaps, by that time, there are already changes, hopefully positive one that will affect the results of your reading.

6. Looking Up For Many Card Meanings

IMG Source: quotesgram.com

IMG Source: quotesgram.com

Another pitfall in Tarot reading is searching all the meanings in the particular card that you drew. Usually, when find yourself in this scenario, you have an agenda and you want to find the meaning that is closest to your agenda.

It is given that each card is rich with meaning and encrypted messages, that’s why sometimes Tarot readers find their way around to see the hints that they want to see.

However, while you develop a stronger relationship with the Tarot cards, your experience and intuition will play a role. Combine this with the traditional learning you have with Tarot and let the imagery in the cards speak to you. Don’t manipulate the cards, otherwise, you will not get the results that is best intended for you.

If you struggle with Tarot readings for yourself, do not take it too much because other Tarot readers experience the same. They always find it difficult to come up with accurate results when they read Tarot for themselves, compared to reading Tarot for others.  So, if you are on the same boat today, just keep your hopes high and remember to keep yourself away from the common Tarot pitfalls listed above.

When you find yourself in any circumstance listed above. Drop the cards and stop the reading. Do it in some other time. Always remember that you turn to Tarot for enlightenment and for a fresher perspective not to impose what you want into the cards or to confirm what you want to see, even if it’s not really there.

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