Tarot is a popular medium for predicting the future. Most individuals who believe in the power of numerology and cards turned to Tarot readers to better understand their current situation. Tarot cards are tools that help one develop better decision making, clear communication, and timely and decisive actions. In short, Tarot is your aid in creating a better future by giving you enough knowledge and enlightenment.

How And When Can Tarot Reading Help You?

IMG Source: galighticus.com

IMG Source: galighticus.com

Since Tarot reading is often associated with black magic and witchcraft, many are hesitant to try it. Some just do so out of curiosity. However, as mentioned Tarot reading is here to help. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, Tarot reading can help you.

You feel stuck in a rut and without direction – Tarot reading is very accurate in suggesting new directions for you to explore or in reminding you of your unfinished business in the past that is holding you back in exploring your potential.

When moving or starting a new phase of your life – Tarot can effectively determine the major changes that are coming your way, the themes that are more important and the direction that you should choose for the next stage of your life.

When starting a new project – Tarot can guide you and make suggestions about the different factors that you have to consider, the opportunities that you have overlooked and the available resources at bay. Tarot is a perfect guide when venturing in a new journey.

If you want a fresh insight – If you have been struggling with your marriage, career, relationship with your in-laws or colleagues, and you want a new perspective, Tarot can help you. Tarot can aid you to see what issues you need to address. It can also help you determine your attitude in a situation and assist you in developing a new perspective on an old issue.

When making a major decision – When making huge decisions, you should slow down and ask the wise advice of the people you trust. However, if you have no one, Tarot reading can be your advisor. Tarot will highlight the most important issues that you need to consider, suggest possible consequences for your potential choices, and indicate factors that you missed to consider properly.

You want to know yourself more –If you want to understand your personality more, ponder on the decision you make in your life, and how you interact with the world as a whole, Tarot reading is a good way to start exploring yourself.

Does Free Online Tarot Reading Works? Are They Accurate?

IMG Source: tarotmedium.com

IMG Source: tarotmedium.com

At this point in time, almost anything is available online. You can shop online, send your mail online via email and meet friends all over the world through social media. Works and connections are also possible through the web. Today, there are millions of online developers, writers, editors, and businessmen. If you need someone’s service, you can search for them online and you will be surprised that with just a few clicks on your fingers, everything is accessible.

Due to this, even Tarot reading is accessible online. Yes, having a computer do your Tarot reading is very different than having to hear it straight from a Tarot reader. However, the results may not actually differ.

For those who visit Tarot readers personally, it might sound off to rely their next reading using the free online Tarots reading websites. However, even Tarot readers attested that some free online Tarot reading websites provide accurate readings. This might be surprising, but yes, free online Tarot reading work and they are effective.

Free online Tarot reading uses an algorithm to deliver your Tarot reading. At first glance,  you might not feel the connection with the Tarot cards and understand how it absorbs your energy as you will not be holding the card personally but free online Tarot reading works. Yes, it might feel unbelievable how this arrangement works but they do. Brigit, a professional Tarot reader, and teacher of Biddy Tarot also finds it difficult to rely on free Online Tarot reading that uses an algorithm to deliver reading but her position in this matter eventually changed.

Brigit’s perspective changed when she met George, who runs phuture. me, a free Tarot reading website. George, just like Brigit is also a tarot reader himself but his edge over the other Tarot readers is his inclination to technology. He was able to create a software that generates online Tarot readings on his website. George convinced Brigit that a free online Tarot reading is accurate and is just similar to a human-generated reading. Here are some reasons how free online Tarot reading works per George.

Overall, we can say that free online Tarot reading works. If you are hesitant to try, don’t be, because you have nothing to lose. You will not be paying for their service and it is for you to judge if it works for your or not but several individuals have already attested that the free online Tarot reading they received is on point and accurate.

Here is Why Free Online Tarot Reading Works

IMG Source: kristalfamily.com

IMG Source: kristalfamily.com

Tarot readers have different stands when it comes to this matter but for Catherine

, a professional Tarot reader, author, and mentor, free Online Tarot reading works. Catherine used to utilize free online Tarot reading services when she was learning Tarot reading but now that she is already skilled with the craft, it has been a while since she used one.

She tried to use a free online Tarot reading site for fun and was surprised and impressed at the same time after reading the results because for her it was “wholly accurate, relevant, sharp and to the point, but more importantly, it was well written without any padding – making its relevance even more remarkable.”

Catherine used the Celtic Cross Tarot site. If you want to get your free reading from the site, just click this link and see for yourself how accurate the free reading is.

Shuffling and Selecting the Tarot Cards

IMG Source: onlinetarotandpsychics.com

IMG Source: onlinetarotandpsychics.com

George told Brigit that using actual Tarot cards and a computer shuffle cards is just the same. Whether you shuffle and select the cards by hand or virtually, the same energy is being channeled into the cards and the two processes will provide the same outcome.

George, himself, uses the computer versions of his Tarot cards often than its printed counterparts because his online Tarot reading cards are easier to maintain. It is convenient and mobile. He can save the spreads and come back to it later or share it with others. In addition, a virtual card never wears out.

Online Tarot Cards Interpretation

IMG Source: Howcast

IMG Source: Howcast

If you have already tried the free Tarot websites, you will find differences in their manner of delivering your reading. Some sites just provide few short sentences. However, other Tarot websites provide more detailed explanations presented in a number of paragraphs.

Brigit remains conservative on the efficiency of online Tarot reading because for her, it lacks the intuition of an experienced Tarot reader, who doesn’t just rely on the basic description of each card as programmed in the algorithm but who calls upon their intuition to provide their clients specific guidance.

For George, he explained that aside from the algorithm, they have Tarot readers that interpret the spread for their client. The virtual client will have to use the computer to shuffle and select the cards but a real person will interpret the reading for you.

Brigit is not at ease with this because for her the cards should be interpreted right after the querent selects it and while the energy is still in the Tarot card. She doubts that selecting and shuffling the cards today, and having someone interpret it later or tomorrow is as accurate when the reading is done immediately.

However, Brigit chooses to believe that free online Tarot readings can work. She thinks that free online Tarot reading works if the querent is the one who shuffles and chooses the Tarot cards instead of leaving it to the computer. She also believes that a real life person should read the cards.

Top Tarot Reading Sites

If you want to try Tarot reading to explore yourself, see your best potential, recognize the opportunities around you or help yourself move forward in the right direction, you are on the right page. Here’s a list of the best Tarot reading sites that you can choose from to start your self-discovery with Tarot.


keenVisit Site

Keen is one of the most popular Tarot reading sites that you will find online. It offers several articles about Tarot to help you understand about it and has a number of trusted and professional Tarot readers. Each Tarot reader on the site is available at different rates. Most have already helped several individuals like you who also sought the divination power of Tarot. You can visit each Tarot reader’s page, check their listing detail to find out their specialty, schedule, and the feedback they received from their former clients. Keen does not offer free Tarot reading but most customers who used the site were impressed and happy with the accurate reading they received from the Tarot Readers they worked with.


8-24-2016 9-44-45 PMVisit Site

If you want to understand yourself more without spending a dime, this site is perfect for you. It offers a free reading that will surely help you understand you current situation. Just like how Tarot reading goes, the site will ask your name, the question you have in mind, the type of deck you prefer and the type of spread you want. This Tarot reading site is very informative. You can try this to yourself first, before engaging into a paid Tarot reader and see for yourself if the results are accurate.


8-24-2016 9-45-58 PMVisit Site

This Tarot reading site is run by Denis Lapierre and also offers a French and Spanish reading. It is very specific and detailed in giving your reading, which includes general approach, peculiarities, specific aspects, and synthesis. Some visitors who tried the site attested that some information rings true for them. However, some are also unnecessary and inaccurate. If you want a very particular Tarot reading that is available for free, this site will be very helpful to you.


8-24-2016 9-47-50 PMVisit Site

This Tarot Reading site offers free and paid services, which makes it better than the other sites in many ways. Of course, some individuals want to start with a free Tarot reading to have a feel of it, and then contact a professional Tarot reader for a detailed and more understandable reading. Lotus Tarot has a number of skilled and talented Tarot readers that are all equipped to help you answer the question you are asking yourself right now. Just click the site’s Live Readings tab to find these gifted individuals, see their rate per minute, and check if they are online or offline. There is also an info tab to learn more details about the Tarot reader, a contact tab to schedule a reading with her and a testimonial section to learn the feedback she received from her previous clients.Some Tarot readers are available for a phone session, while others are available for a chat session.

Astro Center

Visit Site

This site offers a wide variety of Tarot reading including Love Tarot, Career Tarot, Celtic Cross Love, Celtic Cross Career, Gold Tarot, Soul Mate Tarot, Relationship Zodiac Tarot and more. For your benefit, some reading is available for free like the Gold Tarot and King Solomon Tarot. So, if you want a particular Tarot reading for your love or career, this site can help you. However, you should be ready to spend because most readings are paid. The good thing though is, you can expect to get a more detailed and accurate Tarot reading. To give you an idea about the price, getting a Celtic Cross Tarot Reading for your career will cost you about $16.95.


8-24-2016 10-04-54 PM
Visit Site

This site is rich with psychics who offer Tarot reading to help you with your current predicament. Most of them are available for a free chat, so if a particular Tarot reader interests you, you can reach out as long as he or she is free. You can visit each reader’s page to learn about his or her hall, gallery, info, schedule and testimonials. This is one of the best sites to meet a great Tarot readers, so if you are trying to find one, check out Oranum.

Trusted Tarot

Visit Site

This Tarot Reading site offers free reading and paid reading as well. Customers who visited the site were impressed with the readings’ detail and accuracy. Some were already very satisfied with the free reading they received but the experience was more helpful when you get the paid service because you can directly work with a professional Tarot reader. Of course, working with a professional Tarot reader is way better and more reassuring. You can visit each Tarot Reader’s page to check their specialties, languages they speak and years of experience. Their page will also inform you if they are online, their rate per minute and their overall rating from their previous clients. Most of the Tarot readers on this site are available for chat or phone session. If you are not comfortable talking with them, you can chat with them or send them an email. As its name suggests, this site is one of the most trusted sites when it comes to Tarot reading.

Psychics Source

Visit Site

This site offers a wide variety of psychic services, including Tarot reading. The site has a detailed filter to help you find the exact Tarot reader that you want. If you want a psychic with knowledge in Tarot reading, you can click Tarot in the Tools filter. The filter also includes the professional’s reading style, whether they speak compassionately, directly, expressively, wisely or thoughtfully. Tarot readers here are more affordable than the ones you find in other sites because everyone at the time has a rate of $1 per minute. We just can’t tell if this is just a promo.

You can click each Tarot reader’s page to find their subject expertise. Like for instance, some Tarot readers concentrates on career changes, new job,relationships (breakups and divorce), finding a new love or sex and intimacy. In their page, you will also find more personal details about the Tarot reader. Their phone and chat schedule are also posted on the right corner of their page to guide clients when to reach out. To ease your mind about a potential Tarot reader, check out their rating and read some of the reviews that you will find below their schedule.


8-24-2016 10-08-51 PMVisit Site

This site offers a free Tarot reading to guide you in your current predicament. Llewellyn will allow you  to choose a deck from Llewellyn Tarot, Celtic Dragon, Glided Tarot, Witches Tarot and more. You can also select your preferred spread from Celtic Cross or Past, Present, Future and more. Just like the usual Tarot reading, you will have to formulate a specific question and click the button to receive your free reading. This site is a good start to explore Tarot and of course, get a free Tarot reading.If you want to learn Tarot more,the site offers Tarot book for starters and professionals. They also have books for magic and spells, theory and practice, and relationships.


kasambaVisit Site

This site has a number of psychics, love specialists, Tarot readers and more who are all expert in Tarot readings. Whether you want fortune telling, astrology, guidance in your career and finance or love and relationship, you can always find one who is willing to work with you. To join Kasamba just visit their tarot readings page and you will find over 300 Tarot reading advisors on the page. You can click on the Tarot reader that interests you to see their specialization, languages, services,  qualifications and experience. Most of them are available via live chat, you can also call them or send an email.To enjoy the services of the Tarot readers in Kasamba, you have to register on the site and pay via credit card, debit card or Paypal.

Tarot reading is a very interesting, entertaining and informative activity. It opens new doors and opportunities for you to examine yourself, develop a new point of view, appreciate your strengths and turn your weaknesses to your advantage. Most clients who tried Tarot readings, especially those who worked with verified and professional Tarot readers attested that the experience was enlightening, accurate and very helpful. So, if something is bothering you or if you are struggling with something you can’t explain try a Tarot reading to find your peace. Try any of the sites above and you will surely be glad that you did.

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