Numerology calculator: Find out your life path number

Your name is the identity to the world as well as to yourself. It is the blueprint of your character and personality, says more about who did you arrive in the earth to be. The name also says your strengths, characteristics and your important abilities that are possibly to shape the life in future. Numerology assists in translating the name in to one digit number, the meaning of that assists you get a good understanding of yourself and each aspect of your life. If may be your education, love life, or business, the numerology birth date number will assist you developing present condition and move towards a good future. A name calculator is a tools used in numerology to check out the numerology number without any difficulty. Every letter of the alphabet A to Z contains number like one to nine. A name calculator operates by adding up the numbers assigned to each of the letters of the name to check out numerology birth date number. The method is numbering is done like A-1 to I – 9 and from J it goes back to one and so on.

The number chart:

AJS-1,BKT-2 ,CLU-3,DMV-4, ENW-5,FOX- 6, GPY- 7,HQZ- 8 IR- 9.If your name is Robert and you want to know your numerology birth date number, you have to calculate your name like 9 (R) +6 (O) +2 (B) +5 (E) +9 (R) +2 (T) = 33. This number wants to you made a one digit number, hence the calculator will add 3 + 3 the answer is 6, hence for Robert the numerology number is 6.

Numerology is the learning of occult meanings of the digital numbers and the influence on the human lives. It is also assumed that people being is born with a numerology birth date number that influence the life from the birth till their death. Numerology is fundamentally a belief method that does not contain lot to perform with science. Most of the drawings explain it like the pseudo science of math because it does not contain scientific background to prove its speed. Bu such as pseudo science like astrology and as tarot, numerology has been seen for large number of years and is date regarded by lot of people to get influential affect in the lives.

Meaning of your number:

Number 1:

Excellent leadership skills, goal oriented, , very ambitious, courageous, creative, special approach to problems, great prosperity for success, independent and creative.

Number 2:

You are subtle, gentle, tactful, cooperative, sincere, artistic, harmonious, loving, peaceful and humble. You are sensitive and considerate to the requirements of others.

Number 3:

You are socially active, creative, positive, happy, playful, and fun loving, motivating, imaginative and uplifting.

Number 4:

You are detail oriented, practical, orderly, organized, methodical, reliable, dependable, punctual, trustworthy, and honest.

Number 5:

You are versatile; make friends easily, inspirational, upbeat and a good communicator as well as motivator. You possess good verbal skills, persuasive, dynamic, versatile, adaptable, bright and quick witted.

Number 6:

Actor, musician, healer, teacher, craftsperson.

Number 7:

You are intellectual, analytical, aimed, inventive and scientific, meditative, contemplative. You are a truth seeker and storage of wisdom and knowledge.

Number 8:

You are result oriented, inspiring, powerful, generous, forgiving, perseverant, money conscious, broad minded and self disciplined.

Number 9:

You are idealistic, socially conscious, tolerant, concerned about the betterment of the earth, creative and imaginative, romantic, compassionate, generous and selfless.


Numerology meanings are interesting because they show the hidden depth of one’s personalities and their purposes in life.The name and the whole world is based on numbers only. You can study more about yourself when you know the meaning of the various important numerology numbers which you can calculate from the numerology birth date and name. More over your office number, house number even social security number can be interpreted availing numerology meanings.

Life path number:

This is arrived from the birth date numbers. It shows the complete travel on the life. It also says what you can expect to accomplish.

Expression number:

Expression number is come from the numerical value of the letters in full name. It shows the best that you can become.

Souls urge number:

This is arrived from the value of vowels in your name. This number offers you a spiritual reading regarding the innermost interest. It can present you the method to be satisfied in the life.

Karmic number:

This karmic number will come from value of consonants in the birth name. It will display you the secret beliefs and fears. It can reveal you the approach in which other people view you when they meet you for the first time.


By calculating these numerical numbers you will be able to receive the complete picture about yourself. Your birth date and name are such as a blue print and availing numerology you can be able to de-code the blue print. It is such as studying to read a direction map of your life. Think what you can attain armed with the data to advice you. After you have calculated the numbers, you can see in to the separate meanings for every four numbers. The date, time and the event of your entrance in the earth is the best moment in your life. You came in to the reality world, in the way of human being. You are the individual of special characteristic. Such as your DNA you are unique in physics, nature, inner mind, chemistry and future. That second your birth offers that outline for the life. The whole life exists like a potential which has been made for you. The most vital number in numerology is based on the birth date. This is called as life path number. It offers outline of the challenges, opportunities and lessons that people will face in their future. The life path number is the sum of total birth date number, month, date and year. Numerology is availed like a particle way of understanding your nature and it is availed to know your talent and life goals. Now, its popularity is growing more and so the consultants are more seen everywhere in the world.