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Numerology can be described as the science of numbers. It is simply fascinating and has been explored for centuries. It concerns studying the symbolism that numbers carry. Numerology further branches into name numerology. This is where the symbolism of numbers is used to identify a person’s core characteristics from his or her name. Name numerology can be used to determine the personality, talents and strengths of a person. It can also be used to identify any future challenges that one will face, needs that will require to be satisfied as well, future emotional compatibility with a life partner as well as skills that will be needed to deal with other people in future.

How name numerology is calculated

In numerological calculations, the numbers are reduced to their lowest value. For example, the number 15 is reduced by adding the digits up to form a 6. Also, the number 1991 is reduced by adding the digits up to form a 20 and then adding those up to form a 2. There are many ways in which name numerology is calculated. Examples of these are the Pythagorean, Hebraic, Indian, Japanese and Chaldean methods. In this mathematical discipline, there are specific numbers that indicate the vibration rates of people. These numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 22. These numbers are then used in numerology to symbolise letters. In numerology, the letter A is a 1 while the letter B is a 2 and so forth. Thus, the letters in a person’s name can be replaced with numbers to calculate their vibration rate and then determine their character and energies.

To calculate your name numerology reading, firstly write down your full name. It helsp to write out different variations of your name. For example you can write down the first name, middle and then last and also the last, first and then middle. This is so that you can calculate each variation separately. If a specific variation gives you a numerology reading that you want in your life, then you can write out your name in that order whenever it is required. This attracts the energies that you desire.

After writing your name down, match each letter with the corresponding number according to numerology arrangement. For example, A is 1 and B is 2. When you get to I is 9, start back at the numerical beginning with J is 1. After getting the numeric equivalent of all the letters in your name, you can simply add them all up. However, if you have any 11 or 22 in your addition, don’t add the individual digits together. Just add the whole number on until you get the grand total. This is because these are master numbers. After that, you will get a number for each of your names. Look at the meaning of the number and you will realise your name numerology reading.

A numerologist can determine 4 main characters as well as 20 to 30 lesser characteristics of a person from their birth date and name. After conducting this analysis, the numerologist can come up with a very accurate report about the person’s character. Half of this information is derived from the person’s birth date and the other half from their name. This information is derived from the symbolism of the main numbers of numerology. Numerology can also be used ot pick out the most ideal numerology business name for one’s company. Here is what they symbolise.

Number 1:

In numerology, this number represents individuality, the power to administer as well as pioneering ability. This number also means that one is independent and is able to attain great things in their life.

Number 2:

People who land under this number have the qualities of harmony and ability to be close to another person. They are also very sensitive, able to cooperate and are balanced individuals.

Number 3:

These are the outgoing people. They feel the joy of being alive and are always enthusiastic in everything they do. In addition to that, they are optimists and very sociable. They are also very creative people. Thus, the more they use their creativity, the more they succeed in life.

Number 4:

These are people who have the capacity to ensure that there is a system in place and that it is working. They are able to limit themselves and live life in moderation. They are down to earth as well as practical. They hare hard workers and are able to provide service to all those around them.

Number 5:
These are people who love freedom and use it constructively. They are also very progressive minded and value excitement in their lives. The people who fall under this number tend to be very good investors. This is because they have a great view of the future. They have a variety of likes as well.

Number 6:
People who fall under this category are able to help and comfort others. They are also balanced people and have a lot of love to share. These are responsible people and they are known to value the sense of community. They are great at starting and maintaining families.

Number 7:
This number represents people who like to analyse things. They are also understanding and are in touch with their spiritual nature and purpose. They are also great investigators since they have a thirst for the truth.

Number 8:
The people who have this number seek material satisfaction. They have a burning desire for success and power. They also desire recognition.

Number 9:
These are the humanitarian people. They have a sense of selflessness that makes them give all they have without thinking about it. They have compassion and will help whoever they find in need.

Number 11:
Those under this number have very high sense of spiritual illumination. They are teachers of all matters of spirituality. In addition to that, they are able to be a spiritual channel for other people.

Number 22:
People under this number are known as the master builders. They possess great amounts of latent power. They have very high ideals for themselves as well as the people around them. They also have a high understanding of the spiritual world. They can control psychic, religious and metaphysical properties and energies around them. Moreover, they can translate these high spiritual concepts to real world application.