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What is numerology?

Numerology is defined as the study of numbers and names. It is an ancient practice that helped people identify their natural talents. It is among the very earliest ways people used to know somebodies personality type. It does not necessarily predict the future but gives one an insight of oneself and life path. It is believed to give you control over your happiness, money, career and destiny. It starts by helping you know why things are happening to you. It also helps you know who you really are and your purpose in life.

How does it work?

The very most important numbers are determined by date of birth numbers and the letters of the names given in your birth certificate. Numbers in our lives are not just a coincidence. They have a hidden meaning according to numerology. Numbers such as bank account numbers and the number of the place you live are part of your life route plan. All this numbers are compared with a binary code in computer programs.

Each and every human being has a unique range of numbers that guide them. Birth date numbers and names are calculated in such a way that they end up into a single number. Basic knowledge of addition and subtraction is needed to be able to calculate these numbers. For example, if your date of birth is 1-11-1990, you sum up all numbers, these totals to 20. On getting the single number 20, we continue further and add the two numbers that is 2 and 0 to get 2. Your unique number is now 2. The number 2, matches certain characteristics. To get more of your characteristics do the same to your name. This is the very simplified way or version of how numerology works.

What can numerology do to your life?

Numerology helps us predict or gives an insight of what might happen to us in the future. To those who believe in it, it helps take precautionary measures in case something bad is foreseen to happen. Below are some of the benefits one can get from numerology:

Helps one discover more about themselves.

Numerology can help you in discovering your character traits. By so doing, you can be in a position to plan and prepare for what might happen in future and even try get responses for the future for both you and people around you. If for instance your numbers are associated with selfishness, you can be able to change some of your actions.

Discover one’s life path.

Among the tools used for divination, numerology is among the most accurate. This is because the numbers are set in stone and the definition given to each number is the same all over the world. Other techniques of divination like tarot and palmistry have different meanings in different countries. This calls for an argument that they might not be very accurate. With numerology however, you are in a position to see the path of your life and even tells you the best career choice for you.

Relationship with other people.

Numerology too can be used to determine the level of compatibility between two people. The concept of numerology compatibility is very common today and even companies are using it to determine if they are really compatible with other companies before teaming up with them for projects. This is off course very important because you will not find yourself with the wrong people and if you entered the relationship before using the numerology compatibility calculator then you can quite the relationship after learning the truth.

The numbers.

To be able to make use of numerology, it is a must that you understand the numbers. The numbers are listed as follows:

1-A, J, S

2- – B, K, T

3- – C, L, U

4- – D, M, V

5- – E, N, W

6- – F, O, X

7 – – G, P, Y

8 – – H, Q, Z

9 – – I, R

There are million ways to know or calculate your number, among which is the method of using date of birth and ones name as in the birth certificate discussed earlier. The numbers are solid and never to be changed. Again the meaning given to each number is similar all over the world. Hence an accurate on your character traits, career, relationship and happiness can be attained from numerology and the necessary action taken.