You Are Life Path 1

In the world of numbers, the number ones always connote being the first, the prime mover in everything. Thus, in numerology, if you have a life path of 1, you are a natural born leader. You work hard and give your best in everything you do. You persevere a lot to achieve your desired goals. You are independent and artistic. You have the passion and strong motivation to achieve something. Thus, you won’t let anything get in your way of attaining your aspirations.

Because of this intense drive, you have a tendency of being impatient towards others, especially the lazy ones. Your hard work leads you to easily criticize those who do the opposite. At the same time, you don’t like to fail because you prefer a high status; you love success rather than failure.

The ones prefer working on their own. You like being your own boss. So, you’re good enough with building your own business in construction and crafts. When problems arise, you easily find your own solutions. For you, multitasking is an easy thing to do. Aside from starting your own business, you’re also better off being self-employed and you just have yourself and your endeavor to take care off. In addition, you possess the abilities of a military or a leader in government. Additionally, careers like department heads, directors, executives, managers, foremen, inventors and product promoters, contractors, independent operators, freelancers (and many more) are great for ones like you.

Every individual has a negative side. So, for individuals with a life path of 1, you tend to be snobbish, self-centered and vain. Numerology_life path_1Thus, you need to watch out of your behavior as well. You also need to control your rage and fierceness; or else you end up being bossy, unkind and cruel.

Undeniably, your leadership skills and qualities are really good. But at the same time, you find it hard to be a follower. You’re hesitant of asking help from others. This leads you to a feeling of unhappiness, especially when you’re not in charge. You dislike taking orders from someone else.

Wondering if you’re ever compatible with other life paths? Yes, indeed! You naturally fit with life path’s 5 and 7. You get along pretty well with life path’s 3 and 9. You’re just indifferent with life path 8 but you feel challenged with those of life path’s 2, 4 and 6.

With your talents and creativity, hard work, motivation and determination, you will succeed. But take control of your negative attitudes. If you let your negative attitudes overpower your positive qualities, you will easily fail. Be calm and think twice before doing anything that might hinder you from achieving success. It’s better if you concentrate more on your positive qualities rather than expressing your rage, being boastful and others.

You must be extremely proud and honored to have the same life path with these famous personalities:

Tim Allen                                  Maya Angelou                         Fiona Apple

James Arness                         John Astin                               Burt Bacharach

Erykah Badu                            Drew Barrymore                     David Blaine

Michael Bolton             James L. Brooks                     Nicolas Cage

Jennifer Capriati                      Mary Chapin Carpenter           Tom Clancy

George Clooney                      Sean Connery                         David Copperfield

Tom Cruise                              Ice Cube                                  Daniel Day-Lewis

Brian Dennehy                        Danny DeVito                          Jakob Dylan

Kenneth Babyface Edmonds  Eminem                                    Sally Field

Tom Hanks                              Angie Harmon                         Holly Hunter

Elizabeth Hurley                      Samuel L. Jackson                  Billy Joel

Scarlett Johansson                 Magic Johnson                        Wynonna Judd

Larry King                               Calvin Klein                              Matt Lauer

Joanie Laurer                          Matt LeBlanc                           David Letterman

George Lucas                         Tim McGraw                            Alanis Morissette

Jack Nicholson                        Shaquille ONeal                       Joe Pesci

Dan Rather                              Robert Redford                       Paul Reiser

Geraldo Rivera                        Alicia Silverstone                    Jerry Springer

Bruce Springsteen                  Sting                                        Steve Jobs

Kate Winslet                            Tiger Woods

These are great personalities you should look up to. They’ve been successful in their own fields. Get to know them better and discover how they’ve achieved success. Learn their failures and triumphs in life. Their experiences may help you become a better person. But most importantly, don’t just read. Take it by heart. They may have their own flaws, but don’t dwell more on this. Focus on their success and of how they got there. Consider these personalities’ experiences as your guide in achieving your aspirations. Remember, they too were beginners, just take one step at a time!

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