You Are Life Path 11

You can be a great inspiration to people. You are energetic and intuitive. You are sensitive towards others. You will utilize your gifts of intuition and sensitivity to help others. You’re good at motivating people even without doing too much effort. You have all the energy almost as if you can’t control it.

You are a person of all sorts. You are spiritually aware, creative, enigmatic, inspirational, visionary and idealistic. You let faith govern your life rather than letting logic make its move. You always keep the faith in facing life.

You have lots of gifts but you can’t be inundated by these. One of the problems with this life path is fears and phobias. You’ll easily develop them. There are times also when you’re unable to make up your mind. You may also become unreasonable, uneasy, and irritable.

You know that you’re gifted. But you engage much in self-reflection. You easily stand out from others. You strive hard to mingle with others. Yet still feel like a fish out of water.

Because of your high expectations towards yourself, you’ll easily get discouraged. Oftentimes, your expectations may be impracticable – which in turn, hinders you from achieving your goals.

Sometimes, you may feel confused and seem like you don’t have clear direction of where to go. These lead you to losing your self-confidence and even feel depressed. Your emotional problems are mainly caused by your failure to understand yourself and your capabilities. You know you have a very unique potential. But you need to enhance your confidence. Only with self-confidence can you fully realize your abilities.numerology life path 11

You have an important role in life. However, you need to help yourself, develop what’s necessary so you can fulfill this role. Developments may be slow. Yet, you can get there – you can achieve the success you’re aiming for. Success for your life path starts between the ages of 35 to 45, at a time when you have already continued on with your path.

Everybody can find a great companion in you. You’re blessed with a good sense of humor. When you’ve finally recognized and understood your forte, you can be the best that you can be. You can have more than what you have ever expected.

You’ll likely be successful in vocations or careers such as inventor, teacher, scientist, lecturer, inspirational writer, political activist, philosopher, astrologer, psychic, reformer, artist, abstract thinker, musician, innovator in any computer technology, electronics and psychic sciences.

Here are a few famous personalities who lives have been truly inspiring and hope they too can inspire you to be a better individual too:


Harry Houdini              Ronald Reagan                        Hans Christian Anderson

Michael Jordan            Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Orlando Bloom
Bill Clinton                    Michelle Obama                       Prince William
Lucy Liu                      Robert Downey Jr                   Annie Lennox
David Beckham           Edgar Allan Poe                       Melanie Brown

Kobe Bryant                Nick Carter                              Gwyneth Paltrow

LeAnn Rimes               Emma Watson


Even if your developments may be slower than other life paths, don’t fret. Like they always say, “slowly but surely”. When you do get there, when you’ve achieved what you have ever wanted, I know you’ll feel contented and pleased of how your life has turned out.

When time comes that your life doesn’t have a clear direction, take some time to pause. You need discernment. Discern on your goals. Sometimes you just need to stop and think about what’s going on and of what you want to happen in the future. Stop, think and decide. You won’t find the answers you’re looking for – if you continue on with an unclear path.

You easily get stressed and depressed. It’s important that you keep your nervous system well protected because it’s susceptible to stressors. Depression is an outcome of an unrelieved stress. So, look for places that bring you harmony and peace. You need to take a break and give yourself an ample time to think things through. Find places that allow you to be calm and peaceful. Listen to relaxing music. Follow a healthy diet. Have proper exercises. A proper diet and appropriate exercises can do wonders. These are not just for those hoping to lose weight. It’s for everyone. These plans of action are very helpful in getting rid of depression and stress.

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