You Are Life Path 2

Individuals with Life Path 2 prefer a harmonious and peaceful living. You find it easy to collaborate and nurture relationships with others. You are sensitive of your feelings and of others. Thus, you give importance to how they feel. At the same time, you can be a little inhibited.

You can be very affectionate and trustworthy. Whenever you utter the words, “I love you” to someone, that someone should be in cloud 9. You really mean these words. You’re highly appreciative of having companions and of having someone to love and share your days with. You’re honest and a good listener too. It’s always easier for you to see the goodness of people and you feel grateful of it. In sum, you can be everyone’s good friend or special partner.

You are a detail-oriented person. You’re patient, it’s your virtue. You dislike being pressured by time. You’re a great team player and you love working with the group.

Sensitivity, perceptiveness and shyness are your important strengths but these three can also be your weaknesses. You can be oversensitive, shy and less assertive of your opinions. Your fear of getting hurt is your hindrance to speaking out your mind. You dislike confrontations and would rather keep quiet about your thoughts than speaking and end up hurting someone. This fear hinders you from sharing your ideas to a group. In the end, you feel resentful for not being able to contribute your ideas.

You are compassionate towards others. You care a lot about other people. Most of the times, you forget about your own welfare. You always consider other people’s needs and opinions first before your own. This attitude may lead you to feel angry and possibly experience mood swings and hesitations.Numerology_life path_2

Whenever you’re mistreated and you’re helpless, you become furious. You may react negatively. But in the end, you still have that attitude of preferring harmony and disliking disagreements.

Among the things you like are music and poetry. You also have this inclination towards healing practices like massage, acupuncture, therapy and even counseling. You will likely succeed with vocations and career paths like diplomat, statesman, lawyer, negotiator, arbitrator, mediator, secretary, statistician, booking or renting agent, insurance adjuster, correspondent, communications facilitator, post office worker, stenographer, telephone operator, marriage counselor, home products’ dealer, museum director, art collector, waiter or waitress, homemaker, and assistants in offices or in any other industries. Additionally, you will possibly have a successful venture in the import-export business.

Celebrities and famous personalities with a life path 2 are as follows:

Amelia Earhart             Sarah Brightman                     Barrack Obama

Tony Blaire                              Adam Baldwin                         Madonna August

Kirk Douglas                            Tim Burton                               Diana Ross

Jennifer Lopez                        Kanye West                            F. Murray Abraham

Jason Alexander                     Julie Andrews                         Jennifer Aniston

Kevin Bacon                            Javier Bardem                         Kim Basinger

Angela Bassett                       Kathy Bates                            Tony Bennett

Orlando Bloom             Kenneth Branagh                    Benjamin Bratt

Adrien Brody                           Pierce Brosnan                       Steve Buscemi

Billy Campbell                          Mariah Carey                           Bill Clinton

Jamie Lee Curtis                      John Cusack                           Judi Dench

Robert Downey, Jr.                 Dennis Franz                           Vince Gill

Woopi Goldberg                      Al Gore                                    Heather Graham

Woody Harrelson                    Paris Hilton                              Ashley Judd

David E. Kelley                        Lisa Kudrow                           Jessica Lange

Queen Latifah                         Lucy Lawless                         Jay Leno

Andrew Lloyd-Webber           Susan Lucci                            Madonna

Ann Margaret                          Jane Pauley                             Michelle Pfeiffer

Regis Philbin                            Anne Rice                               Rene Russo

Meg Ryan                                Paul Simon                               Wesley Snipes

Stephen Sondheim                  Gwendolyn Stefani                 Mark Wahlberg

Vera Wang                              Damon Wayans                       Kevin Williamson


Don’t let your fear of getting hurt overpower you. It’s natural to get a little scared but it’s not good to let that fear rule your life. Once you do, things may not go well. Learn to respect and value your opinions and others will do so in return.

When it comes to relationships, you have the best qualities of a great companion. At the same time, if your love is not reciprocated, this may be troublesome for you. With your loyalty and sincerity, you deserve someone who will love you back as much as you love them. This may or may not be easy to find. Thus, it’s best to know and choose your friends and lover.

You have a lot of careers to choose from. Select the path that suits you and your qualities. But always remember to handle your weaknesses well.

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