You Are Life Path 22

Life Path 22 is recognized as Master Builders. Among all the life path numbers, you’re seen as the most powerful and possibly the most successful. You are blessed with an enormous spiritual awareness. You’re highly knowledgeable and you have that special skill to apply this knowledge practically. You have the ability to attain greater achievements. Your personality is your essential tool towards success.

You can be very ambitious. You’ll do whatever it takes to get what you want. Giving up is not an option for you. You won’t stop unless you reach that goal.

As a master builder, you care capable of building almost anything you life – whether it’s an organization, enterprise or a government. You are better at building and making the world a better place to live in.

You easily understand people and you utilize this strength in you. You’re admirable because of your charm. People are drawn close to persons with life path 22.

Yet, one of your challenges is in sharing your ideas and allowing others to share as well. You need to be flexible enough; however, this is a characteristic which you aren’t so good with. It’s hard for you to believe in others’ capabilities. You don’t have much faith in people. Altogether, you have a tendency to control people and whatever situations which may arise. At times, you can be manipulative.

You have a good common sense. You can easily distinguish the goodness of an idea as well as the ways to make these happen. It’s easier for you to understand what makes it possible and what makes it not. It’s your intuitive gift that helps you assess situations based on practicality. Be careful of being impractical. If you do so, you may be putting your potentials at risk.numerology life path 22

Many consider 22 as a gifted life path. But it’s unknowingly the most complicated among all life paths. You have enormous goals which you may find hard to achieve. But in the end, since you are a master builder, you always attain what you are set out to do.

In any relationships, you’re always considered the best partner. You can provide great advices and reliable emotional support. But you refuse to go along with high emotional tendencies. You think and act in unusual ways but how you portray yourself to others is quite traditional.

Your interest or inclinations may be towards vocations or careers such as a mechanic, engineer, architect, hardware manufacturer, draftsman, carpenter, builder, contractor, mason, dealer in furniture, technical writer or technician, programmer or computer analyst, army officer, manager, librarian, accountant, civil service or government work, trainer, office manager.

Famous personalities who are born with the same life path as yours:

Tina Fey                      Rosario Dawson                     Matthew McConaughey Leslie Nielsen                       14th Dalai Lama                       Bryan Adams

Paul McCartney           Puff Daddy                              Will Smith

Try your best not to manipulate people. This attitude will hurt others and you may end up being a loner. Open yourself up to others. Mingle with others. It doesn’t hurt to share your views and let them contribute as well. You’ll improve and learn more from others’ abilities and experiences.

Be wary of what you’re concentrating on. Your thoughts are very powerful and there’s a greater tendency that it will show up, even if you dislike it. These can be well manifested in your actions. Positive thoughts promote positivity. Negative ones, on the other hand, can get in the way of your goals. So, free yourself from negative thoughts. Choose your thoughts well. Focus more on the positive ones and live up to these ideals. If you have the willingness to work for your goals, you will surely be successful. You will have the prestige and fame you desire.

Be practical. You can easily acquire things that you like. Don’t be fixated on these. Instead, work hard and acquire the stuffs that are important. Try your best to let go of the less important ones.

Be organized. Be spick and span. If you don’t, you may lose your concentration. This may hinder you from achieving something for the day. So, arrange your things in an orderly manner – same as your bookkeeping and all other aspects of your day to day living.

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