You Are Life Path 3

With a 3 life path, you are blessed with an eye for aesthetics. You’re very creative, talented and artistically inclined. It’s like you were born with it. Even as a young child, you’ve already noticed this innate creativity. It seems as if you have that feeling of being an artist at such a young age. But you need to consider something. These artistic capabilities and talents will only be fully developed through constant practice, determination and dedication.

Aside from creativeness, you are gifted with self-expression. You’re bubbly. You can easily make parties fun and exciting. Surely, everyone wants to invite you to their events. But if you mishandle the situation, especially your talent, you will be faced with trouble. If you lose the focus, you might bid your skills goodbye. Your talents can bring you fame and fortune but you must always be disciplined and dedicated.

You are a bighearted person. You always think positively of others. It’s easy for you to find and understand the positive qualities of other people. You are a good listener and you think highly of other people’s emotions and welfare. Whenever people are around you, they’re always at ease and calm.

You are sociable and well-liked. You’re an inspiration to others because of your jolly and easygoing personality. However, you live your life as if there’s no tomorrow. You are so overjoyed with what’s happening at the present and don’t mind at all of what tomorrow may bring. You find it difficult to take responsibilities seriously. Usually, you aren’t good with handling financial matters.

life path 3When you get hurt, you easily become emotional and helpless. You draw away from others and become irritable. You become depressive. Oftentimes, you utter hurtful comments and easily criticize others to get back at them.

The three’s will likely engage in vocations and careers such as entertainer, dancer, actor, musician, performer, beautician, clothing designer, floral designer, cosmetologist, hostess, salesperson, resort or club host, promoter, advertiser, imaginative writer, illustrator, photographer, work with children, kindergarten director, boutique owner, caterer, social secretary, jeweler, restaurant manager and other endeavors that involve artistry.

Get to know more about these famous personalities and learn more about their crafts and talents. Let these personalities’ be your inspiration in developing your talents:


Fidel Castro                 Alfred Hitchcock                     Celine Dion

Charles Dickens          Maria Sharapova                     Richard Dean Anderson

K.D. Lang                    William Shatner                        Reese Witherspoon

Alec Baldwin               Chris Rock                               Cameron Diaz

Jackie Chan                Jamie Foxx                              Jodie Foster

Kevin Costner             Kevin Spacey                          Shania Twain

Nelly Furtado               Rihanna                                   Katy Perry

David Bowie                Christina Aguilera                    Snoop Dogg

Winona Ryder             Vivica A. Fox                          Michael Keaton

Alan Alda                    Rene Auberjonois                   Scott Baio

Annette Bening           Mary J Blige                             Hillary Rodham Clinton

David Boreanaz          David Bowie                            Brandy

Toni Braxton                Amy Brenneman                     Jimmy Buffett

Bill Cosby                    Katie Couric                             Billy Crystal

Carson Daly                Vin Diesel                                Jenna Elfman

Nora Ephron                Mia Farrow                             Jeff Gordon

Bridget Fonda              Brendan Fraser                       John Grisham

Peter Graves               Melanie Griffith                        Jet Li

Lauren Holly                Eriq LaSale                              John Malkovich

John Lithgow              Andie MacDowell                    Joan Rivers

Liam Neeson               Daniel Radcliffe                       William Shatner

Chris Rock                   Steven Seagal                         Brooke Shields

Neil Simon                    Jon Stewart                            Michael Stipe

John Travolta              Barbara Walters                      Elijah Wood

Shania Twain


A happy-go-lucky attitude is not bad at all. But you just need to control it. You must set limitations. Life is not all about partying and going out with others. There’s a time to have fun and a time for yourself and the things you love doing. Don’t ruin your skills and talents, instead develop them. Focus on your capabilities too.

Select a career or vocation that doesn’t hinder you from expressing yourself. You’re artistically inclined. Art is an expression. Express yourself through arts. You could be great at anything that involves creativity because you have that in you. Just nurture it. Focus on your inclinations. Give it your best shot. Treasure your talents and you’ll surely feel contented.

It’s great to be the life of a party, to have friends and be popular. But choose your crowd wisely. Its best if you hang out with like-minded individuals who are artistically inclined just as you are. You’ll likely find inspiration in each other. You’ll learn from their experiences and hopefully find the motivation you need for your craft.

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