You Are Life Path 33

Birth dates that fall under life path 33 is quite unusual. If your birth date corresponds to 33, then you must be happy and proud. You are a master teacher.

You are more concerned about the world than your own personal goals. You’re more focused on causes for the love of humanity.

Your personality is characterized by altruism. You have an unselfish concern for others. You’re full of energy for bringing goodness into the world.

You want to devote your life to raise people’s awareness. You’re highly concerned of Mother Earth and the people living in it. You dedicate your life in order to serve mankind. You don’t have any doubts. You don’t have any second thoughts. You always offer a lending hand when someone is in need.

You are highly sensitive towards others. You don’t find any difficulty in understanding and recognizing the needs of people. You empathize with people and you’re often recognized as a great advisor.

Because you’re a well-known healer, people are drawn to you. You can help people without even exerting too much effort.

numerology life path 33You’re also a good preacher and you’d do everything to make the world a better place. Everything you do enables you to mingle with people and they love being with you because of your calm personality. You yearn for more information. You want to learn not just for your own good. But you also desire to share your knowledge to people as way of helping them spiritually.

You are a really gifted individual. You have a bright mind, greater insight and an exceptional vision. You also have unique spiritual gifts and people admire you for that. They look up to and respect you for these capabilities.

You have almost the same qualities as life path number 6. But with your higher spiritual abilities, you have more brilliant ideals. You inspire and help others even at the expense of your own welfare. You are very religious and some others may believe you’re directly and mentally connected with God.

One of your negative traits is dishonesty. You may be regarded as idealistic but you have a tendency to become untruthful because you don’t want to hurt others. The truth hurts, indeed. You don’t want people to get hurt, so you lie instead. Also, you may also lie about yourself – so you can make yourself appear more superior compared to others. You lie for your own personal gains.

You’ll likely find success and contentment in vocations or careers that enables you to serve others. Examples of these are kindergarten or elementary school teacher, homemaking, doctor, guidance counselor, volunteer work, family and marriage counselor, community service, director of boy scouts, interior decorating, artist, professional hostess, governess, craftsperson, social worker, instructor, social services director, musician, singer, waitress, promoter of social welfare, and a restaurant manager.

Compared to other life paths, only a few have been blessed by a 33. Other life paths have more celebrities lined up. But with 33, only a few famous personalities are born with this path. They are:

Albert Einstein, Federico Fellini, Heather Locklear, John Lennon, Thomas Edison, Stephen King, Salma Hayek, Meryl Streep,
Sinead O’Connor, Abbott Handerson Thayer and Francis Ford Coppola.

Usually, you become renowned because your kindness and compassion. If you nurture this, you’ll ultimately help raise the world’s consciousness. There are a variety of ways to do this. But however you do this, undoubtedly you are an asset to the world.

You can easily come up with ideas which others may consider uncertain. Just follow your instincts and others will look up to these ideas in the end.

Be wary of dishonesty. You already have a lot of gifts. You are blessed enough. So, there’s no need to lie anymore about you. People will see your talents and they will idolize you. The truth hurts but it also sets you and other people free. If you keep on telling the untruth, you are letting people accept things which may still be improved. The truth may hurt but it can help someone become a better individual instead. Remember Elvis Presley’s quote? “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”

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