You Are Life Path 5

You love freedom and that’s what your life path is all about. You’re free-spirited. You like to travel. You’re an adventurous creature. You like meeting other people and you always look forward to a variety in life. You’re always on the go, always ready to take action. You’re not afraid of changes. You love new horizons, new opportunities. You dislike habitual activities. You like taking risks. You’re a curious individual. It seems as if you’re always on the move. You’re fearless.

You easily make friends and get along with them. You are cheerful. You have the ability to inspire others. People are fascinated by your personality type.

You are very good with words and you have this remarkable persuasive ability. Because of this attitude, you’re not afraid to face an audience and you’re comfortable being an emcee at an event. Furthermore, you’re likely contented with careers like a writer, journalist, translator, editor, photo-journalist, broadcaster, teacher, travel agent, personnel director, investigative reporter, promoter, entertainer, media expert, publisher, advertising, tours and cruises, sports goods and other, salesperson of automobiles, magazines or books, trouble shooter, aviator and any work related to radio, cinema or television.

One of your negative traits is your difficulty in settling down. You’re not that good with commitments. Oftentimes, you fear of being oppressed in your own relationships.

life path 5 numerologyYour adventurous spirit is great but it may lead you to trouble. You may want adventure so bad and you end up compromising other people’s feelings and welfare. At times, you can be impulsive and you may not like the results of your actions. That’s why, you end up having regrets. If you can’t control your love for freedom and adventure, you may engage in difficult circumstances like drugs and others and may even abuse your own life.

You are blessed with many talents and skills. But to succeed, you need to focus on these abilities. You also need to learn the value of discipline. Or else you may not be able to finish what your started. You may find it hard to achieve your goals.

You may be considered as a bad example by adults and even in your family. But you also need to take time. You’re a late bloomer. You prefer to experience more of life before you can arrive at an important decision.

Take a look at this list of famous personalities who have the same life path as yours:

Louis Armstrong                     Malcolm X                                Isaac Newton
Andre Agassi                          Vincent van Gogh                   Michael J. Fox
Anna Kournikova                    Angelina Jolie                          Anthony Quinn
Anthony Perkins                      Steven Spielberg                     Catherine Zeta-Jones
Colin Farrell                             Denzel Washington                 Dennis Quaid

Jennifer Connelly                    Joaquin Phoenix                      Liv Tyler
Martin Lawrence                     Monica Bellucci                       Uma Thurman
Beyoncé Knowles                  Dr Dre                                      George Michael
Jay-Z                                       Jon Bon Jovi                            Mick Jagger
Tina Turner                              Gillian Anderson                      Ursula Andress

Marc Anthony                                     Ashanti                                    Lauren Bacall

Eric Bana                                 Beck                                        Juliette Binoche           Christie Brinkley                      Gabriel Byrne                          Courteney Cox

Jeff Daniels                             Ellen Degeneres                      Howie Dorough

Savion Glover                         David Hasselhoff                    Ann Heche

Ron Howard                            Jeremy Irons                           Alan Jackson

Mick Jagger                             Don Johnson                           Craig Kilborn

Martin Lawrence                     Penny Marshall                        Steve Martin

Bette Midler                             Willie Nelson                            Wayne Newton

Conan OBrien              Sean Penn                               Dennis Quaid                           Burt Reynolds                         Christina Ricci                         J.K. Rowling                         Claudia Schiffer                     Howard Stern                                     Billy Bob Thornton                   Sigourney Weaver


Don’t be in self-denial. You know you love adventure so go for it. It’s not bad to satisfy the adventurer in you. All you need to remember is the value of discipline.

You’re not afraid to take on changes and change is constant in this world. So, you need to learn how to adapt. You need courage to go on. One way to help you feel secure and confident to embrace changes is to prepare your body. Be fit. Be in good shape. Establish exercise routines. Have a balanced diet. These will truly help you physically, mentally and emotionally as you take on new opportunities.

You may dislike 9 to 5 jobs. So, its best if you choose jobs that let you exercise your adventurous spirit. Go for something that won’t make you miserable. Take on a job that you’ll surely love. As what musician Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you loveyoull never work a day in your life.”

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