You Are Life Path 6

If you are a six, you care more for the welfare of others. You’re known to be a humanist and a family oriented individual. You’re capable of assisting those who need help and comfort. You do more than just sympathizing. You dedicate your life to finding and developing ways and means to help other people.

Whether you’re at home or in the community, you’re a compassionate, loving and responsible being. You love to care, provide and serve your family, friends and others. You prefer to be a stay-at-home parent. You’re often regarded as “domestic”.

However, you need to keep in mind of your attitudes. There may be times that you become egotistical and fault-finding towards others. When you give so much, you may tend to be a slave to others and you often disregard your own needs. As you strive to support others, you may find it uneasy to establish a sense of balance between offering help and prying. You easily support others who need to be taken cared in their relationships but fail to let them understand life and its lessons on their own. Sixth individuals can be alluring. People are drawn to them and their moods can influence others as well.

numerology life path 6You are big-hearted, affectionate and charming. You’re admirable and it makes you feel good about yourself.

You may find success in professions or careers like nurse, doctor, elementary school or kindergarten teacher, homemaking, guidance counselor, family and marriage counselor, community service, Boy Scout leader, volunteer work, professional hostess, governess, interior decorator, waiter, social services director, craftsperson, artist, social worker, instructor, singer, musician, waitress, promoter of social welfare and arts, cafe or restaurant manager.

Famous personalities with a life path 6 are:

Ben Affleck                             Jessica Alba                           Victoria Beckham

Jason Biggs                            Clint Black                                Matthew Broderick

Mel Brooks                              George W Bush                      Michael Caine

Neve Campbell                        Drew Carey                            Paula Cole

Francis Ford Coppola              Claire Danes                            Robert DeNiro

Melissa Etheridge                    Calista Flockhart                      Sarah Michelle Gellar

Kathie Lee Gifford                   Geri Halliwell                           Goldie Hawn

Salma Hayek                           Jon Heder                                Michael Jackson

Quincy Jones                          Stephen King                           Greg Kinnear

Ted Koppel                              Heather Locklear                     Lindsay Lohan

Elle Macpherson                      Bill Maher                                 Frances McDormand

Reba McEntire             Eddie Murphy                          Edward Norton

Rosie ODonnell                        Bill Paxton                                Bonnie Raitt

Jane Seymour                         Sinbad                                     Christian Slater

Mira Sorvino                            Sylvester Stallone                   Meryl Streep

John Tesh                               Ted Turner                              Steven Tyler

Bruce Willis                             Albert Einstein                         Eleanor Roosevelt

Britney Spears                        John McEnroe                         Goldie Hawn

Ian Fleming                              James Brown                          James Dean

Justin Timberlake                     Victoria Beckham                    Donald Sutherland

Jennifer Lawrence                 John Lennon                           Galileo Galilei

Christopher Reeve                  Christopher Walken                 Clive Owen

Howie Mandel                         James Dean                            Heather Locklear

Jude Law                                Michael Caine              Robert Pattinson

James Brown                          Lenny Kravitz                          Nicole Scherzinger

Stevie Wonder                        Federico Fellini                        Thomas Edison


You can move well but you may have tendency to become overweight. So, it’s best if you engage in physical exercises and minimize eating sweets which you usually crave. Walk or jog with family and friends.

Your caring personality is natural in you. But don’t let your emotions affect your decisions, especially when you’re young and in choosing your partner in life. Make the right choice between the people who needs your help and those who are becoming needy of your love and care.

Aspire for goals that recognize your efforts. You’re better off taking charge as a manager. If you need to upgrade yourself, then seek for more education. You have a lot of abilities so utilize them. Be proud of what you can do.

You may have a mindset that you can save the world. Be careful of this attitude. Always remember that you don’t have superpowers. You’re not a superwoman. Help others but give them time to learn the lessons by themselves. Also, don’t allow yourself to be a slave to others. You deserve better than that. You can help but don’t let others take advantage of you.

Give time for yourself. Take some time off. Pamper yourself. It’s great to be helpful towards others. But it’s not a crime to care of your own self. Have a break. Have some days where you only need to think of what to eat or drink or just to unwind. Let others take care of you too. Just ensure that they know how to do it.

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