You Are Life Path 7

You are an explorer. You seek for knowledge and the truth. You love investigating the unknown and the mysteries that surround life. You’re a great thinker. You like to research and solve problems.

You like peace and quiet. You prefer to work on your own. You’re often regarded as a loner or introvert. You would exchange the busy and noisy city life for a more peaceful and quiet place to live in. You need to reflect on your ideas and you dislike being disturbed. Your way of living is governed by your insights and manners.

In turn, you find it hard to nurture relationships, especially marriage. You consider privacy as an important part of your life. So, when it’s offended, you get depressed and annoyed. But when your life is stable, you can be appealing. You can be happy and sociable. But you always remind yourself of setting limitations. You always come back to your state of solitude.

Your preference for privacy leads you feel lonely and isolated. You will always notice that there’s a part of you that feels empty and your longing for companionship is discontented. Furthermore, your extreme need for solitude makes you distrustful and pessimistic.

It is important to help yourself fight against being solitary and self-sufficient. If you let these characteristics rule your life, you will easily shut others out. You’ll be having a hard time letting others show their love for you. Thus, you’ll find it hard to understand the true spirit of friendship.numerology life path 7

You’ll mostly succeed in professionals or careers such as a scientific authority, archeologist, authority on antiques, psychoanalyst, surgeon, historian, marine biologist, sailor or deep sea explorer, theologian, clergyman, authority on etiquette, psychiatrist, scientific researcher, detective, investment counselor, judge, and others which allow you to be an explorer/researcher or careers that enhances your knowledge.

Here’s a list of the famous personalities who have the same life path as yours:

Muhammad Ali                        Sir Winston Churchill               Diana, Princess of Wales
Marilyn Monroe                       Julia Roberts                            Lauren Hill

Leonardo DiCaprio      Patrick Swayze                                    George HW Bush
Dan Akroyd                  James Cameron                       Bruce Lee
Carmen Electra           Heath Ledger                           Hugh Grant
Jack Black                   Johnny Depp                           Keira Knightley
Kristen Bell                  Mel Gibson                              Michael Douglas

Antonio Banderas        Naomi Watts                            Natalie Portman

Patrick Stewart                         Aaliyah                                                Carrie Underwood
Eric Clapton                Taylor Swift                             Ashton Kutcher
Stephen Hawking         Al Pacino                                Paula Abdul

Joan Baez                   Christian Bale                          Candice Bergan

Valerie Bertinelli         Robert Blake                            Ellen Burstyn

Glenn Close                 Harry Connick, Jr.                     Elvis Costello

Geena Davis                Shannen Doherty                     Michael Douglas

Fran Drescher              Ralph Fiennes                         Carrie Fisher

Matthew Fox                Whoopi Goldberg                    John Goodman

Kelsey Grammer          Charles Grodin                         Ethan Hawke

Tommy Hilfiger                        Lauryn Hill                               Janet Jackson

Donna Karan               Keria Knightley                                    Angela Lansbury

Lyle Lovett                   Ewan McGregor                       Toni Morrison

Ashley Olsen                Mary-Kate Olsen                      Se Ri Pak

Matthew Perry              Parker Posey                            Trent Reznor

Susan Sarandon          Jerry Seinfeld                          Danielle Steel

Patrick Stewart             Emma Thompson                    Tanya Tucker

Scott Wolf                    James Woods


It’s important for you to maintain your independence and at the same time open yourself up to others. Remember, no man is an island. Accept others in to your life. Discern. Understand what others can offer for you. In sum, you need to have balance in life.

Letting others in to your life doesn’t only lead to establishing friendships. You’ll learn from their experiences and the stuff that they know about. You never know, they may be more knowledgeable than you are. Don’t forget, you are not the smartest individual on the planet. There are others like you who might give you more than you know. If you keep on withdrawing from people, how will you enhance or improve your knowledge?

Since you love exploring, then it’s great if you can travel once in a while. Try turning your travels into mini-adventures. Always take these adventures as a learning experience. Having a few friends along won’t hurt at all. If not, this could also be an opportunity for you to meet new people. Enroll in a course or take part in a workshop that’s focused on things you wanted to learn about. Or you can visit places you’d like to go back to or have not gone so far. Don’t forget to have fun. Lighten up a little bit. Enjoy and be happy!

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