You Are Life Path 8

For you security means wealth and power. You only feel safe and sound if you have the ways and means to ascertain financial stability. You always make sure that you are wealthy and powerful enough. You’re highly skilled in managing a business or any other financial related matters. Your skills are not limited to minor financial aspects. But it encompasses greater objectives and goals.

You’re a creative thinker. You have the ability to encourage people to take part in your goals. However, they don’t have the same skills and abilities as you are. That’s why; the people you’re surrounded with will continually seek for your encouragement and supervision. You have to motivate people and guide them along the way.

You’re a magnet for financial stability compared to other life paths. But you also need to exert extra efforts to achieve this kind of success.

The challenge for you lies in your own understanding of how to utilize power and influence for mankind’s advantage. Those who fail to understand the real essence of wealth will facing a lot of consequences. Because of your greed, you may end upnumerology life path 8 having nothing at all. Whatever happens you need to be tough to survive. It’s common for people to go through trials or difficult situations like bankruptcy and others. But the bottom line is, you should know how to rise up. You have what it takes to be wealthier than you ever know. You can build more big businesses. You have it in you.

Be mindful of corruption and too much power. You may easily be led into becoming conceited and authoritarian. You may think that only your decisions should matter. This, in turn, may lead to more and more conflicts.

You will likely be comfortable working in a business or any finance related job, commerce, large corporations, top executive positions, banker, financial or political advisor, corporate lawyer, investment broker, purchasing agent, politician, urban planner, business analyst, civil engineer, athlete, store manager, government official, manufacturer, school head and the like.

You should be proud to have the same life path as these famous personalities:

Alexander Graham Bell           Michelangelo                           Nelson Mandela

Pablo Picasso              Sandra Bullock                        Wayne Gretzky
Sarah McLachlan                    Martin Short                             Anthony Hopkins
Brooke Shields                        Halle Berry                              Jason Statham
Jean-Claude Van Damme        Jessica Biel                             Kate Beckinsale
Kristanna Loken                      Matt Damon                             Jessica Simpson
Pablo Picaso                            Penelope Cruz                         Sandra Bullock
Tommy Lee Jones                   Pancho Villa                            Whoopi Goldberg
50 Cent                                    Enrique Iglesias                       Faith Hill
Jason Mraz                             Lauryn Hill                               Ashley Olsen

Brooke Burke                          Anna Nicole Smith                   Aretha Franklin Giorgio Armani                       Neil Armstrong                        Lance Bass

Warren Beatty                         Bjork                                        Cate Blanchett

Helenna Bonham-Carter          Naomi Campbell                       Deepak Chopra,

Cindy Crawford                      Penelope Cruz                         Ted Danson

Hilary Duff                               Bob Dylan                                Anthony Edwards

Jane Fonda                             James Gandolfini                     Andy Garcia

Richard Gere                           Gene Hackman                        Mariska Hargitay

Faith Hill                                   Philip Seymour Hoffman          Enrique Iglesias

Don Imus                                 Tommy Lee Jones                   Nathan Lane

David Mamet                            Dylan McDermott                     Paul Newman

Randy Quaid                           Gloria Reuben                         Natasha Richardson

Diane Sawyer                         David Schwimmer                   Martin Scorsese

Elisabeth J. Shue                     Martha Stewart                       Ben Stiller

Oliver Stone                            Barbara Streisand                   Elizabeth Taylor

James VanDerBeek                Robin Williams             Yanni


Status matters a lot to you. So, you need to be mindful of this. You may end up living way beyond your means. You have a tendency to do whatever it takes to maintain your status. This will develop more issues with yourself, your family and your community. If you put status as a number one priority, there’s a higher tendency that you may end up abandoning your loved ones. You may give them less importance.

Give consideration to your family. You can be a great provider because of your wealth. But it doesn’t stop there. You also need to make them feel loved, other than the things you continually provide for them. Tell them that you love and care for them. Your willingness to work hard for power and influence should be as strong as your will for your family.

You have to set your priorities. Don’t put wealth and power on top of your list. Once you do, you may lose your loved ones and friends easily. What’s the use of your wealth and power, when you don’t have someone to share it with or if you’re alone?

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