You Are Life Path 9

Your life is symbolized with philanthropy and compassion. You have a growing and deep concern for the world. You have the qualities of a natural leader. When no one’s in-charge, you take charge, you take responsibilities even if you have not been assigned. You have the initiative to do what’s needed to be done. You have the capability to sacrifice what you have. You’re a compassionate and caring person. You take care of everyone else. You are a humanitarian. You find satisfaction in giving. You give high importance to helping other people and it matters more than yourself. You empathize and have this passion for assisting the less fortunate.

However, you may have a hard time to assert yourself. It isn’t easy for you to tell others that you also need their love, care and warmth. Oftentimes, you feel unloved and rejected by your parents. Or you may end up being responsible for them. It’s also hard for you to let go of the past.numerology life path 9

You are sociable and so people are fond of you. You have this tendency to give almost everything you have – money, time and energy – all because you want to live in a better world. But this leads your finances at stake.

You find contentment if you engage in activities or situations that entails assisting people or uniting them if they vary in perspectives or backgrounds. You’re interested in doing philanthropic work, selfless service, social welfare, the arts, public service, ministry, doctor, nurse, and veterinarian, any other helping professional, musician, artist, foreign service, educator, counselor, ambassador or any other work that enhances your communication, publishing, and broadcasting skills.

You’ll be truly inspired just be looking at the famous personalities who have a 9 life path:


Elvis Presley                            Mohandas Gandhi                   Mother Teresa
Bob Marley                              Adele                                       Jim Carrey
Mario Lemieux                         Harrison Ford                          Chuck Norris
Dustin Hoffman                       Henry Fonda                           Jada Pinkett Smith
Kirsten Dunst                          Morgan Freeman                     Sharon Stone
Adele                                       Alicia Keys                              Andrea Bocelli

Cher                                        Christina Milian                        Courtney Love
Elvis Presley                            Jimi Hendrix                             Justin Bieber
Kurt Cobain                             Prince                                      Yoko Ono

Troy Aikman                            Christina Applegate                 India Ari

Bea Arthur                              Sean Astin                              Rowan Atkinson

Barbara Bach                          Tyra Banks                              Roberto Benigni

Jack Black                               Andrea Bocelli                         Steven Bochco

Garth Brooks                           Gisele Bundchen                     Edward Burns

Jim Carrey                               Cher                                        Roma Downey

Kirsten Dunst                          Laurence Fishburne                Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Matt Groening                          Thomas Harris             Ed Harris

Melissa Joan Hart                    Dustin Hoffman                       Anthony Hopkins

Whitney Houston                     Ricki Lake                                Spike Lee

Tara Lipinski                            Courtney Love                                    Loretta Lynn

Shirley MacLaine                     Julianna Margulies                   Wynton Marsalis

Bill Murray                               Tom Petty                                Lisa Marie Presley

Michael Richards                     Gavin Rossdale                       Kurt Russell

Garry Shandling                      Jada Pinkett Smith                   Tom Snyder

Jonathan Taylor Thomas         Kristin Scott Thomas               John Updike

Renee Zellweger


Since you give too much and may come to a point of risking your finances, it’s best if you invest your personal finances in endeavors that help the world and can provide well for you and your family at the same time.

Aside from providing well for your family, always remember that you also need time for them and vice versa. You may be too focused on helping others and may forget about yourself and your loved ones. It would be great if you can involve them in what you are passionate about. Or better yet, take vacations once in a while. Have time to relax and enjoy with your family.

It would also be better if you can encourage people to help out in your cause. Two heads are better than one, right? Involve others. They may have the same goals as you are. In the end, you can make the world better – together with others.

You believe in the saying that if you give more, your reward will be even bigger. This may be true. But you also need to be careful. There may be people who need assistance but are also capable of working to provide for their needs. Remember the saying, “give man a fish and he will have a meal for a day; teach man how to fish and he will have a meal for a lifetime”. You may also find people who have this tendency to abuse or take advantage of your kindness and compassion. So, be careful too.

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