Tarot is often misunderstood. If you are not familiar with Tarot cards or Tarot reading and you hear that it is evil, your perspective about it will likely be negative. Many see Tarot as something wicked or of witchcraft but those who do are often those who has no direct knowledge of the craft. If you talk to those who are very familiar with Tarot, you will be surprised with their response. They can tell you that Tarot is harmless. The craft is not evil and turning to Tarot reading for guidance will not hurt you in any way. Check out the best Tarot card reading websites.

Why Is Tarot Associated To Witchcraft and Evil Power?

IMG Source: freetarotcardreadingsonline

IMG Source: freetarotcardreadingsonline

We understand that readers will have different opinions about Tarot’s influence in our lives. This belief also springs from former Tarot readers or enthusiasts who claimed to have unexplainable and scary experience during a Tarot reading.

For instance, Chinese Angel admitted that he used to be a Tarot reader when he was 17. He did it out of curiosity on unseen things, religion, demons and the likes. He often did it with his family and friends and almost everyone wanted to have a Tarot reading.

One time, he did a Tarot reading in a park and at that time he forgot to bring his incense sticks that he used to scare away bad spirits or demons. When he summoned the spirits, he felt that he was in a state of trans. He could see the invisible world, his self speaking to his friends and white energy balls around him. One of the white balls touched her friend, which caused her to scream and ended his state of trans. The experience scared him and his friends. Since then he stopped Tarot reading.

On a separate incident, another individual who came with the name Devestator admitted that he did Tarot reading when he was still a teenager. He studied the craft for months and after reading Tarot cards for six months he realized that strange things start to happen around him.

He realized that a lot of odd things are happening around his house. He took those incidents as a warning to give up Tarot reading. He is contemplating if he should return to the craft given that he is good at it but he fears the paranormal experiences he already had.

Due to these experiences, many linked Tarot reading to evil, black magic and witchcraft, especially that films exploit these incidents in their plot. Tarot reading, sorcery, witchcraft are often associated with evil power and darkness in horror films.  As a result, these brought fears and paranoia to many who haven’t experienced Tarot yet.

Tarot Experts Don’t Believe That Tarot Reading Is Evil

IMG Source: varcpsychictarot.co.uk

IMG Source: varcpsychictarot.co.uk

If you have a growing interest with Tarot, you don’t have to fear because only a very few have experienced such. Most Tarot enthusiasts remain positive about the craft. For them, Tarot is not evil and using its divination will not lead you to any bad omen.

For instance, for Gayla Johns Mendez, Tarot is not dangerous and it does not lead to bad things. How can a printed piece of card put your life at risk? For Mendez, Tarot is an artwork on cards that are arranged in certain ways based on archetypes. It is a useful tool for self-exploration. Tarot reading is a medium that helps you look at your current situation in a different perspective.

Anu Bess, a Tarot reader since 2011 also agrees that Tarot is not bad at all. As how Bess puts it, Tarot cards are used to show you probabilities or analyze your internal state or subconscious. Reading Tarot cards in itself is not dangerous. Actually, it is just similar to reading a book. It is informative, offers new insight and is very entertaining.

Some Tarot enthusiasts reacted to the paranormal experiences that other Tarot readers claimed to have experienced. Cody Outlaw had a very good point when he commented to Devestator’s post. “1. Just because paranormal activity begins to occur around the house, that doesn’t make it malevolent. 2. If you have fears, don’t do it.”

Brett Almond addressed the issue about bad cards in Tarot. According to him, the bad cards like “Death,” “The Tower” and “The Devil” usually scare people away. However, these cards should not be taken literally. For instance, when you leave a job, Tarot reading might symbolize it with a “Death” card. On the other side, getting a new job is likened to birth. Thus, in the said case the “Death” card should not be unwelcome.

Warnings About Tarot Reading

IMG Source: itrtheatrecompany.com

IMG Source: itrtheatrecompany.com

Although Tarot reading is not harmful the Tarot enthusiasts have some warnings about the process. For them, Tarot, itself is not evil or dangerous but how the client takes it could be the real danger. For instance, according to Dreamee Kirie, a certified registered Metaphysician, crystal healer and professional psychic, some people become psychologically dependent on Tarot reading or any type of oracular method that they can’t make any decision without it. Their self-esteem drops and they have more faith in obeying the guidance they learned from the cards than by exploring the world on their own. Jonathan Jayne is also aware of the incident above and decided to stop Tarot reading because being too dependent on it can promote weakness.

Meanwhile, for Divya Tatta, who has been reading Tarot cards for 25 years, the potential risk in Tarot reading involves a dishonest, unskilled and inexperienced Tarot reader with a wrong motive and guidance. Divya Tattva encourages you to believe in yourself, to be optimistic and to do the right karma. By doing so you need not deal with any bad outcomes.


Tarot reading is not evil. The Tarot cards are just as simple as the other cards printed with artistic designs. It cannot harm you in any way. Tarot reading is just similar to reading books, where the experience will leave you informed and enlightened. However, the real danger in Tarot reading is when you become too dependent on it that you can’t make decisions without it.

What makes people perceived Tarot reading are the cards that are often associated with Death or Evil, which should not be taken as they are literally. They also linked the paranormal experiences they encountered with Tarot reading, which could be a matter of a coincidence only. So, now that you are aware of these facts, worry no more because Tarot is a harmless friend. It is designed to help you see things with a fresher perspective and will be there to help you see your current situation more reasonably.

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